I made a film about death that also makes you laugh

My grandfather passed away in December last year. Few days ago his youngest brother passed away too. He had one more brother who had died when I was in school. So all three brothers are gone now. I revisited the footage that I had shot during the post cremation rituals. This is that film. It shows you what a family does after a member dies. And the kind of conversations they have. And for some reason, it’s not as sad as one would expect a film about death to be! You let me know what you think about it! I prepare myself for another family reunion.

Crashed my drone in a swimming pool! :( (Vlog)

In the last Vlog, you saw Biwi and I headed to a resort for our 4th wedding anniversary. We didn’t know if this was a kind of break we’d really enjoy. At least I wasn’t sure. This Vlog tells you if we did. It also tells you whether the drone survived the crash or was gone forever (this is my third drone in the last two years)!

My wife’s first blind date (Vlog)

The one where no one cares about my shoes, I talk about my stress of being a freelancer, I fly a drone in a wedding in Goa, the new super fast internet connection that we have now in Goa, the “blind date”, how Maldives plan didn’t work out and what the final plan for my wedding anniversary is!

Link to the cycling story – http://www.3minutestories.com/ladakh-cycling-manali-leh/

Help me find cricket / football based stories to shoot please?


Few days ago, an Amsterdam based online company approached me and said that they have found a sponsor to fund Football and Cricket related positive stories from India and if I would be interested in finding and shooting it for them.

Of course I would be interested. My latest 3 Minute Story (below) is a fair enough example of what a sports based positive story could be like. This one is about cycling – but you get the idea!


In the last two years, I could make around twenty stories. And that’s because there is only so much of free work that one can do. Paid documentary projects happen only few times. And I shoot a lot of weddings to make money – which effectively cross-subsidizes my documentary work. So you can imagine how cool it is for me to get paid directly by someone to bring out meaningful real life stories – something that I care so much about!

I have very limited leads at the moment.

So can you please help me reach out to potential subjects / organizations who might be using football / cricket to send out positivity in this world?

By helping me,

  • you will be directly contributing in helping this world have something nice and positive to cheer about (amidst the sea of negative news and stories that we live in);
  • you would also be helping those doing something nice and beautiful and positive to share their stories with the world in a way that is only possible through nicely made films;
  • and last but not the least, you would help me, as a documentary film-maker to continue doing what I love doing in a sector that is not the most money-making sector out there (I was a business consultant for four years before I quit my job in 2012 to pursue film-making / photography).

If you know of something / someone directly, please do write to me at amrit@3MinuteStories.com with links / contacts. My no. is 95525 89252 (that works on Whatsapp too).

If you know of someone else who might be of help to me in finding cricket / football related positive / inspiring stories from India – please share this post with her / him? Sending love and positive energy your way!

Thank you so much!

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