The fair-ee tale

The launch It was 2005 when a news was announced in the mid of June. Emami Ltd had declared the launch of a fairness cream for men, aptly named ‘Fair and Handsome’. In the words of the company’s director, Emami aimed to gain 20 per cent market share of men’s fairness cream in Andhra Pradesh […]


Amitabh Bachchan is in news again. I read this report in Hindu today which said he has been sent a legal notice for posing with a cigar in his mouth for a promotional poster of a soon to be released film Family. I wonder at times if rules of this kind can ever prevent youth […]

Pi, Ray and C

Actual paperback cost: 1. The World is Flat: Rs. 714/- 2. The Monk who sold his Ferrari: Rs. 175/- 3. Tipping point: Rs. 220/- ———————————————————— Total: Rs. 200/- (this is what I had to pay!!!) Welcome to the world of Book-Piracy! And who said piracy sucks? It rocks! It rocks because it saves me so […]

Neta-giri with the Net: What the hell is wrong with US?

The Background: The US Department of Commerce (DoC) had pushed and funded expansion of the internet in its early stages. And when the internet had gone global, it had created a private company, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to run it. Before I explain to you what exactly ‘running’ the internet […]