him: It’s insane. her: Yes, I know. him: How is it even possible? her: Calm down. Just accept it. It’s possible. It’s happening. him: I think I have gone mad. her: Insane and mad are one and the same. him: Shut up. Oh no, had you not spoken, I wouldn’t have been reacting the way […]

Tring Tring

She realized that her cell-phone was ringing. Before she could press the receive-button, the call got disconnected. She checked if the number was saved on her cell. Yeah, it was. It was a missed call from none other than ‘B’ himself! He called finally! He is back!!As she waited for his call so that she […]


And when the sun had set, she came out of hiding. Two hours! It was impossible to do what she was planning to, in such a short span of time. But then this was all the time that she had, and she knew she had to do it. This was the only thing she could […]