44 Days to Chicago Half – also, my plans for a 3MS on a blind guy!

I mentioned earlier about my plans to visit Sweety in St. Louis (USA). But instead of flying via New York as I had earlier thought of, I am flying via Chicago now (yes the tickets are booked). I changed my plan because a) Mumbai-Chicago was a cheaper flight, b) from Chicago I can just take […]

A guy staying with his father in a jail in Kota, just cleared IIT-JEE!

Just read about a guy called Peeyush from Kota, in today’s newspaper. A convict’s son has scripted an extraordinary success story by preparing for IIT entrance exams while staying with his father in an 8×8 feet cell in an open jail in Kota for almost two years, because he did not have money for the […]

Politics, FB, OCD, running, summer and how stress reduces your brain-size

I didn’t care about politics for a long time. And then Facebook happened. Which was just like Orkut in the beginning but gradually transformed to a Google Reader sort of thing with a minor (or may be major) difference. In Reader you read / viewed what you personally subscribed to (handpicked over months and years). […]

After having lived in Goa for over three years, finally ran a (half) marathon today!

After having lived in Goa for over three years, finally ran a (half) marathon! It was a rather slow run. The first half marathon that I had run in my life (Hyderabad, 2008 or 09) had taken me less than two hours. And today as you can see, over two and a half hours! Sob! […]

The first five weeks of 2016 went by too quickly – Part A

Immediately after 1st of Jan, there was a two-day wedding shoot in Pune. Subbu joined me for that. I shot a movie and he worked as the candid photographer. We often switch roles in different weddings. To prevent us from getting bored. From Pune I flew to Bangalore and spent almost a week there trying […]