Help me find cricket / football based stories to shoot please? Few days ago, an Amsterdam based online company approached me and said that they have found a sponsor to fund Football and Cricket related positive stories from India and if I would be interested in finding and shooting it for them. Of course I would be interested. My latest 3 Minute Story (below) is […]

Dealing with the ban on 500 and 1000 rupee notes! (Vlog) The one where I learn about the ban just the night before I am to fly to Hyd for another wedding shoot and everything that happens afterwards, till I return to Goa after few days. PS: Link to Mahesh’s photo-series work that I talk about in the VLOG –

My amazingly interesting conversations with my friends who support a ban on Paki artists

This is that “more thoughts on this” post. I will be frank. I posted this status only because I assumed there would be few idiots on my FB friend list who might think it’s OK / right for a ban like this, and once they come out in the open, I would just go ahead […]