39 days to Chicago Half – Also, a quick visit to Hyderabad

Biwi flew to Ahmedabad last Friday. Five days ago. She will return to Goa the coming Friday. The morning after she left, I went running again. The same six kilometers as the previous day. Slightly faster though. Later that night, at around eleven, I took a taxi to the airport. Izaz bhai has been my […]

Gunehar Diaries #5 – 2 more days for the festival to begin

Most artists are more or less approaching the final stages of their work. They have to. 🙂 The festival starts from 7th and ends on 14th (June 2016). Bluehair met with an accident day before yesterday. That left her with a crushed big toe. The injury is so serious that the toe might even get […]

Gunehar Diaries: #4 – How I lost some video files and other such things

This Sunday, I created a half-baked 3 minute story (that I don’t want to share here because, yes you guessed it right, it’s half baked 🙂 ), transferred the video to my phone and started showing it to every villager who cared to watch. So the villagers now understand that I am not just some […]

Gunehar diaries: 2 – I have some broad story ideas now

Today is my third day in Gunehar and I have already fallen ill. It started with a moderate cold when I got up in the morning. And since then, I’ve been feeling pretty feverish. I can only hope that the body temperature doesn’t rise. Fingers crossed. My ‘shop’ has been identified. I should put up […]

Cached images from the deleted post on lemp brewpub Gurgaon incident

Below is the screen-shot taken from the now deleted blogpost about the lemp brewpub Gurgaon incident Note: after extracting this from Google cache, it was pointed out that the same also exists on Scribd Cached images from the deleted post on lemp brewpub Gurgaon incident    Through Facebook, I found this blog and I thought […]

The first paid shoot

I picked up the call. A female voice asked, is this Amrit. I said yes. Amrit the photographer?, she asked again. I smiled to myself. And said yes. Again. I was sitting in a coffee-shop inside the Mumbai airport, waiting for my flight to Hyderabad, when this call came. When for the first time, a […]