Caricature request guidelines

  1. Share your photo only (not of others) – on insta (don’t use the disappear after a while option – I take my time to look at the requests)
  2. If the photo is full-body, crop it to passport-size and send (so that I can see the face clearly)
  3. Send 3-4 photos – it’s difficult to get a good idea of how you look like, if you send just one photo (unless I know you personally)

And last but not the least, a caricature is supposed to be exaggerated and funny .

So just keep this in mind when you ping me. As a caricature artist, my job is *not* to make you look prettier / hotter / sexier. I am here to make you laugh at yourself, which also means it’s pointless to send your ‘cool’ or ‘mind blowing’ photo.

Just send your avg. looking photo where you are conveying a positive emotion – laughing / smiling – anything is fine – over exaggeration is not needed.

What if you have special requests?

My brother runs Dezains – where you can get paid caricatures made (for anyone – and can be printed on anything from poster to shirt and other such options; no I don’t draw for him).