My name is Amrit Vatsa and this is my personal blog site. I was also known as Vatsap? when I studied at IIT Madras (2003-2008). I started blogging in my second year (you can read my first blog-post ever – written on 06 Feb 2005).

After receiving a B.Tech in Civil Engineering (with a M.Tech in Infrastructure) in 2008, I got placed as a Consultant in a leading business consulting firm in India and got promoted to a Senior Consultant in three years’ time. I was still pretty active at blogging – to the extent that Hindu did a feature on me in 2010.

In mid 2012, after my second promotion (to a Manager this time), I took a year long sabbatical to experiment with life. I never went back to the corporate world after that.

I soon married my then girlfriend (we had been dating for two years already). Few months later, we moved to Goa (early 2013). I have been in Goa since then. I make most of my money by making candid photographs in weddings (which also makes me travel across India – I hardly shoot much in Goa). My wedding website is I also make short documentary movies (started in mid 2014). Most of them are personal projects but I also do few commissioned paid assignments every year. My documentary movie website is

I want the world to remember me as one of the greatest documentary film-makers that ever existed. Working on that. How are you doing? Vatsap?