Vatsap? 2020 Aug 30 Newsletter

Made a silly but fun video this week where Princy and I recreate an old photo.

If what you want to watch is a more insightful / meaningful video, then below is a 1 minuter that I created for IIT Madras last year (published only this week).

It was good to be back to my own department to shoot this. I do have a Behind the Scenes (BTS) video too, on my YT channel.

Talking about BTS, the below on the making of Forest Gump made me pretty nostalgic. Tom Hanks was so young back then. I wonder how Aamir’s Khan’s remake is going to be like! Also, is it only me who sees a physical similarity between Aamir and Hanks? Please tell me no.

Moving on from videos – this week I also curated an awesome reading-list (books), if that’s your thing.

I basically asked my FB/insta family to recommend one “perspective-altering” book – that they think would totally change the way I look at things. The response was phenomenal and I now have a brilliant reading list. Have something more that you think should definitely be added to this list? Sure, drop me a reply – will add.

Also, if you are more into podcasts / newsletters / newspapers kind of stuff, Chuck has curated something useful. You can check it out too.


Thinking Fast & Slow (TFS) is one of the fascinating books in my list. I borrow an example from the book – the Linda problem – to illustrate something that can be used to analyse the Sushant Singh Rajput media trial.

In my list, I placed TFS under a category titled “why the world is the way it is / why we act the way we do”. Another blog that I wrote this week, falls kind of under the same theme. It’s titled “Meritocracy, Dalits, the Supreme Court and the curious case of the creamy layer”. I think it’s pretty insightful. But you tell me. If you are a Dalit person yourself, I would be grateful if you could help me see a perspective that I may have been missed from my analysis.

Oh, and I drew something too…

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What more can I draw?

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Just when I was thinking, what mor could I draw, a parody music video went viral and I got inspired to create a new t-shirt design based on that. Yes, this is something that I do as well!

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What's cooking?

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I myself have created parody music videos in the past; let’s see when mine goes viral, if ever! By the way, if you saw the “Rasode me kaun tha” video, you will love the work of Yuri Wong who has been making such songs since a long time (I discovered him in April this year). Below is the video that I first saw. I am pretty sure the Rasode-me rap guy got inspired by none other than Yuri (at least he was my inspiration when I made the Modi-rap).

Before I end, I do have my weekly update on the Covid deaths projection.

For the first time, the total deaths recorded in a week (23-29 Aug) happened to be less than the total from the previous week! That’s good news!

You can read the full analysis. Stay happy, stay safe and see you next Sunday. And if you want more parody rap video, a new one on Arnab – “mujhe drugs do” is already doing the rounds.


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