This is how Delhi Police targets activists

If you are subscribed to NY times, just read this whole article. 5 min read. If you are not, the strategy is simple.

  1. Come up with a list of charges that can be applied to an activist.
  2. Impose only one or two of those charges, just good enough to get the activist arrested and put in jail.
  3. After weeks / months, if the activist gets out on bail – use the hitherto unused charges and send them back to jail.
  4. Keep doing it till you run out of charges.

After spending several anxious days in prison, Natasha Narwal, a student activist accused of rioting by the New Delhi police, thought her ordeal was nearing an end.

A judge ruled that Ms. Narwal had been exercising her democratic rights when she participated in protests earlier this year against a divisive citizenship law that incited unrest across India.

But shortly after the judge approved Ms. Narwal’s release in late May, the police announced fresh charges: murder, terrorism and organizing protests that instigated deadly religious violence in India’s capital.

Ms. Narwal, 32, who has said that she is innocent, was returned to her cell.

– NY Times

How many such activists are in jail presently? Around ten to twelve. Nobody knows the exact number. Natasha has been in Jail since May.

Want to see the irony?

If you are interested in reading more about what really happened in Delhi – do read the latest finding from Govt. of Delhi (they have a minorities commission that was tasked to put this together)

That’s all for now. I will see if I can put together some of the key findings together – either as text, or a video may be! It’s 130 pages though!


14 Sep 2020 update

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