Ten years since IIT and all that

In Dec last year, I attended the tenth year reunion at IIT. Technically it will be this year that I will be completing my ten years since graduation but for majority of my IIT friends, that happened to be 2017. No, no, I didn’t flunk a year or anything like that. It’s just that majority of my friends did their B.Tech so they could graduate in 4 years while I and a small fraction of populace at IIT were Dual Degree students (you get both B.Tech & M.Tech) and had to study for five years.

IIT Madras, Dec 2017.

I didn’t vlog during the reunion but did make something few weeks before that when I was in Chennai and took a super short trip to campus with Misre.

For some reason, ended up visiting Chennai quite a few time last year. Talking about last year, though things seemed to be going out of hand, money-wise by the middle of the year, they got sorted out eventually by God’s grace. I bagged quite a few short documentary projects, that I am still working on! So life has been great and I am super grateful and all that.

Also, realized today that I was vlogging even 11 years ago! When vlogging was not even a word (as far as I knew)! 😛

It is difficult to write new relevant posts here on Vatsap (phres shit no more? ). The world has transformed. People consume content on instagram, facebook and Youtube. But it’s difficult to let go off my first blog-site! 🙂 So shall continue to exist! For nostalgia’s sake! 🙂

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