Help me find cricket / football based stories to shoot please?

Few days ago, an Amsterdam based online company approached me and said that they have found a sponsor to fund Football and Cricket related positive stories from India and if I would be interested in finding and shooting it for them.

Of course I would be interested. My latest 3 Minute Story (below) is a fair enough example of what a sports based positive story could be like. This one is about cycling – but you get the idea!

In the last two years, I could make around twenty stories. And that’s because there is only so much of free work that one can do. Paid documentary projects happen only few times. And I shoot a lot of weddings to make money – which effectively cross-subsidizes my documentary work. So you can imagine how cool it is for me to get paid directly by someone to bring out meaningful real life stories – something that I care so much about!

I have very limited leads at the moment.

So can you please help me reach out to potential subjects / organizations who might be using football / cricket to send out positivity in this world?

By helping me,

  • you will be directly contributing in helping this world have something nice and positive to cheer about (amidst the sea of negative news and stories that we live in);
  • you would also be helping those doing something nice and beautiful and positive to share their stories with the world in a way that is only possible through nicely made films;
  • and last but not the least, you would help me, as a documentary film-maker to continue doing what I love doing in a sector that is not the most money-making sector out there (I was a business consultant for four years before I quit my job in 2012 to pursue film-making / photography).

If you know of something / someone directly, please do write to me at with links / contacts. My no. is 95525 89252 (that works on Whatsapp too).

If you know of someone else who might be of help to me in finding cricket / football related positive / inspiring stories from India – please share this post with her / him? Sending love and positive energy your way!

Thank you so much!

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