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Gunehar Diaries: #4 – How I lost some video files and other such things

This Sunday, I created a half-baked 3 minute story (that I don’t want to share here because, yes you guessed it right, it’s half baked πŸ™‚ ), transferred the video to my phone and started showing it to every villager who cared to watch.

So the villagers now understand that I am not just some random guy shooting shit with his camera, that they will never get to see.

This has made my life easier because now they are coming up with more ways to help me find subjects, stories and all that.

Village kids watch my half-baked 3 minute story on my phone. By their expressions, they probably approve of it.

I want to focus on views and lives of people of different generations in this village (oldies, working adults, college going kids and possibly a young kid). One of the biggest challenges that I have with this approach is – there is no clear cut well defined “story” reallyΒ  – something that I have always depended upon over the last two years since I started 3MinuteStories. I am dealing with it anyway. Don’t ask how. :/ This week’s plan was to find one specific subject in each generation category and then shoot him / her + do a bit of interview to put together something that at least resembles a story. Could it get boring? Possibly yes. Is there anything else that I can probably do? Can’t think of much. Fortunately, I already do have somewhat exciting subjects from each category and for many, I have already shot this and that. Working hours are going up slowly – with all the hard core editing required and stuff. So blogging might go down a bit.

A film-maker from Quebec (Canada) happened to be in Gunehar for few days. He sat with me one evening, looking at some of the work-in-progress stories. He advises directors and film-makers on their stories, professionally. It was nice to have his feedback. I hope it helps in the final output.

Oh by the way, day before yesterday, I accidentally formatted one SD card, without copying the video files to my hard disk πŸ™

They were clips showing villagers working together to re-divert part of the river water to a channel. The channel takes the water to the fields. Majority of villagers own farms and this is the time to sow paddy. So they really need water in the channel. Heavy rains about two weeks ago (before I had arrived in the village) had set many boulders and stones rolling all over the river-bed, damaging the channel and blocking the entry of the river water to it. After few days of combined effort by the villagers, the water is flowing back to the channel now. I have shots of that. But I lost shots which showed the blockage of water. And that’s kind of sad. πŸ™ This was like the only “clear-cut” story that I had accidentally stumbled upon. I have already tried almost every possible software since past 24 hours. Nothing worked! I am moving on as I type away this blog.

The villagers working on the river project, asked me to show something. My phone came handy. The goat was clearly more interested in the film-maker than his films! πŸ˜›

C5D39054 C5D39063 C5D39123 C5D39179


It rained later that evening. I put on a rain-coat (borrowed from 4T), wrapped a plastic around my camera and went out to shoot whoever I could. Till it got very dark and rain stopped.

Kaki and her friend take shelter under a shop. Her wall painting is coming along nice.
Bluehair. Blue sky. And some lens flares.

C5D39286 C5D39326

Howmuch – the pop-artist from London, has an intern working for her now. “I am a bad excuse for an Indian”, she keeps telling everyone.

That’s about it for now. Let me get back to editing and hopefully I will also have some video-story to share when I return to my blog next.

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