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Moor (2015) movie review

I might not have seen many Pakistani movies, but this one, from a production and aesthetics point of view was as good as any big budget movie – from India, Europe or Hollywood. I saw it yesterday as part of the International Film Festival of India, in Goa and for the first 10 to 15 minutes, I was like, WTF – is this really a movie from Pakistan? Such stunning visuals, such impactful sound-track…. And the music, mind-blowing!

But here’s the thing, by the time the movie ended, I was sure I could not rate it more than 6.5 on 10. 🙁 As a movie the story didn’t lead up to anything great at all. I think the writer made the story-telling more complex than was needed (for an otherwise simple straightforward story about corruption and honesty). Also – there were too many different colour tones, which didn’t feel right at times. The effect was jarring. There was this weird lack of coherency in story-telling that made me uneasy several times, after first half hour. Though I must add that the movie never slipped away totally. It kept coming back to being watchable and enjoyable (without distraction).

Some actors were good but there were many average and some below-averages ones too – which was a major turn off (the first dialogue scene itself was so fake). There were few actors (including the lead actor) who worked perfectly well when they didn’t speak much, but didn’t look convincing many a times when they had dialogues – they looked and felt like theatre artists. Must add here that the lead actor and the actress were stunning to look at. Really really good looking. On this note, let me also mention that the main villain was a look-alike of Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Just FYI.

As a summary, I would say that in spite of some super strong aspects (cinematography, sound, music, overall context and some good actors), Moor kept getting randomly over-dramatic (in an abstract fashion) every 15 minutes – till the very end. It almost felt like two different people had made two kinds of movies and then they had been put together by an editor. One director would let emotions carry forward the story, another would make characters speak to each other in a randomly dramatic fashion. So essentially, this was good attempt at being a great movie but IMHO could not get there!

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