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The Threshold – movie review

I saw this movie in the recently concluded Mumbai Film Festival. It was an interesting movie but I find it difficult to give it a ‘recommended viewing’ rating. I liked the movie but felt almost throughout that it lacked something. Two actors and one single location for more than an hour, needs a really really intense gripping out of this world story to have a real impact.

As far as acting goes, Neena Gupta easily outdoes her only co-actor – apna Vyomkesh Bakshi (who was there too, at PVR Citymall, to watch the movie).

I wish the makers had been able to pull off better sound – the voice literally cracked in certain scenes. That is not acceptable from a choreographed movie. For a low budget movie where you don’t want to spend much on location and production in general, Mina walking was class apart. Because when you are watching Mina walking, you are not thinking that it’s a low budget movie. Just because things look real, and everything is shot on location, does not make a movie look and feel low budget. I just think Mina walking had so much amazing visual stuff to offer. Threshold does not offer much visually. And therefore it feels like watching a play in a theatre where actors are all who matter – not the setting. I have this feeling, I would enjoy a play on the same script more that I did the movie. Because if a movie is only about actors – then you probably don’t need to make a movie no?

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