Vatsap? Private film screening @Goa – 25 July 2015 (Sat night)

Movie Line up

You can click on any movie name below to watch the trailer.

[expand title=”0730 PM to 0840 PM – I’m fine thanks (1 hour 8 minutes uncut)”]


[expand title=”0915 pm to 1030 PM – Scattered Windows, Connected Doors (1 hour 15 minutes uncut)”]



[expand title=”1045 pm to 1100 PM – The Art of Fighting (11 minutes)”]

really? you want to see a trailer for a movie that is just 11 minutes long? LOL!



[expand title=”11 PM to 1220 PM – Katiyabaaz (1 hour 20 minutes uncut)”]



The above list is by no means final, I am still working on it. Might add a movie or two more. If you have a documentary movie file which you think should be part of the screening – and you are willing to watch it again – give me a buzz ( or and we can work out the final line-up accordingly.

Other remarks:

  • Guest limit – around 10 (excluding biwi and I) – more than that might get a bit crowded for our hall (just a hunch)
  • Tentative timing: 7 PM (Saturday) to 4 AM (Sunday) – we have enough space for up-to 10 people to crash if you feel sleepy or don’t want to drive back late in the night. It would make sense to show up in pajama and tees than elaborate dresses.
  • Food & Beverages: one complimentary pint of Tuborg for everyone. Feel free to bring whatever else you plan to consume (goes for food as well). Pizza and other junk-food go well with such screenings (we can pool money and order).


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