Life is fickle

Sharing below one of my latest wedding movie trailers. Took biwi along for this shoot because the wedding was in Goa and she was free. And it had been long that she’d seen me work. Plus, I thought it would be useful to have parallel shots of certain moments (like vows and speeches and the first dance), this being the first movie from a Christian wedding for me. How do you like the trailer btw?


[responsive_vimeo 116823831]

The guy kissing the girl in pink dress at 3.14-3.15 (in the above video) died few weeks ago. His name was Dean. He was only 22 years old. He had a natural death and no one knows what lead to it. Tells us life is so fickle. What you have today, you might not have tomorrow. Are you making the most of it?

Death of young folks is suddenly pretty much on my face these days. A few months back, the young founder of a NGO for which I had volunteered in 2008, died. He was around my age, also from Patna and studied in a IIT too (Mumbai). About a week before he died, we were chatting on Facebook regarding me shooting his sister’s forthcoming Nikah. And then he just died. From asthma. And when this year started, I was speaking to the young founder of a SEO company in Bhopal, to whom I had given the job of optimizing And a day or two later, he died too. In a road accident.

And then new beings are taking birth. Tota & Maina gave birth to a healthy baby girl a couple of days back. Tiwari’s son is already a year old now I think. When biwi and I discuss about babies (which we very rarely do), our discussion is mostly along two lines a) she telling me how she had to escape not so subtle suggestions from my mom and b) our inability to imagine ourselves as parents! We simply can’t imagine ourselves in that role. So I keep asking her to keep ducking my mom’s hints. And so goes life.

The coming April, we are planning to be in Italy and do some cycling in the dolomites up north and a bit around the Alamfi coast in the south. And when not on a saddle, we would be walking around in the cities of Venice, Rome, Naples and the Capri Islands. We recently booked flight tickets and have started getting hotel bookings done. And then we will apply for our Visas and then go to Italy and make a Holioke again. That’s the only kind of thing that we think about and do. Who wants babies, eh? Last month, we also took two days of lessons in wind-surfing. We picked up the basics, faster than we had expected and it has been super fun so far.

This year is going good work-wise for me. I shot two weddings in Jan, one in Bhopal and one in Mumbai other than going for a couple shoot of a batch-mate from IIT who had come over to Goa. And this month, I would be traveling to Jaipur, Hyd, Jabalpur and to Mumbai again. Apart from ShaadiGraPher work, there is enough of documentary work at hand (the stories that I have shot, but haven’t had the time or energy to edit them). And even then, I am already meeting new people with interesting stories to tell. Should write a separate post on such meetings I guess.

Anyway, let’s wrap up this post. 1/12th of the year is already over. So much to do. So much to share. Keep rocking, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. Life is fickle, jab tak hai, tab tak hai. Make use of your time. Do what you want to do. Spread happiness and peace!

PS: do check out the two Shitoons I posted on the site today – 156 and 157; let’s see if I reach 200 this year.

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