Some year end pictures from Mumbai (2014)

IMG_6314 copy

I took this yesterday. As we were on our shuttle from 1D to board the Jet flight to Goa. We were in Mumbai for Christmas. Because it’s so cliched to be in Goa for Christmas. Especially if like us, you live in Goa! 😛 We were flying together after a long time. I guess the last time we had flown together was when we had returned from New Zealand. Anyway, so yesterday evening, as we were in this shuttle for few minutes, I saw her glowing in the rays from the setting sun. And so I grabbed my camera which just had the right lens (35mm f1.4) attached, for the kind of picture I wanted. And I clicked. That’s about it. Just wanted to share! 🙂 And on that line of thought, here’s sharing two more, clicked few hours earlier when we were still hanging out with Diesel – the adopted child of Subbu & Subbi. Who looks cuter btw? Wait, was that a even a ‘correct’ question to ask? 😛


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