I wonder how long a life like this will go on…

[from few days ago…]

I hear the sound of the fan rotating above my head. I hear sounds of water dripping outside. Rains have picked up vigour since last couple of days. And when fans are on after a heavy rainfall, the air feels cold and pleasant.

I look at the sea outside. And I wonder how long will a life like this go on. A life in Goa with a sea-view and no office to go to. The last post where I had talked about fearful dreams, was written in Bangalore. I was there for a shoot. The same client had needed me in Mumbai a few days later (Bangalore me shaadi, Mumbai me reception – and that’s why). And then I returned to Goa. And since then, I have been in Goa. With no office to go to. With just the sea to watch. And biwi. I did take up two very small time shoots in Goa itself, but other than that, I really didn’t have much to do. I am not making as much money as I should be. We had been to NZ in Feb end and I am yet to clear off the credit card bills.


I picked up a 2X3 white board yesterday (or may be day before). I am not sure why but since last few days I have been craving to have one with me. Where I can write down things that I feel like. No, not just to-do lists. But anything, you know… The kind of things one writes on whiteboards. Or draws on whiteboards. Now that I have it, it feels great. I can let part of my energy pass on to the board. Especially ideas. Ideas about how to position ShaadiGraPher better. Ideas about new documentaries. And things like that. I mean I have done it on computer. And I am sure I will be doing it on computer (noting down ideas). But a whiteboard is so on your face type of thing that it’s so much more charming than opening up a text file on your laptop.

It’s almost one in the night. It’s not raining. It’s kind of humid and chip-chip. And I am writing about whiteboards. Funny! But I was so much more funnier at a point of time! What has happened to me, I wonder! Not always, but sometimes! And I also wonder how long a life like this will go on… Not always. But sometimes.

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