The 3 minute story idea has generated quite an interest

The 3 minute story idea has generated quite an interest. To begin with I already have the following stories which I should begin creating as a 3 minute movie, one at a time:

  • A bunch of guys from BITS and IIT, are taking time out of their busy lives to create a robust app for common junta – the app enables junta to put pressure on government bodies when something (road, water, electricity) is not working. So that this crowd-pressure helps things get sorted out.
  • About a friend from IIT, who worked for Mckinsey, then joined the team under Nilekani that worked on Aadhar card and then started a company in the manufacturing sector (not too sure what story to bring out but will figure that out eventually – the subject is good, so finding a story to bring out should not be that big a deal)
  • A bunch of guys who have formed an organization that is trying hard to connect everyone who cares for film-photography, so that this digital age does not kill film. They also want Indians to understand that photography is about so much more than just clicking pictures and seeing them on your computer. Their story should give a whole new insight to what photography means to some people!
  • A friend from IIT who is working on an app that motivates people to leave their desks and get some action!
  • A Tambrahm who did engineering but always wanted to be a singer. Tried very hard. In Indian Idol, Chennai Idol and other such shows. Nothing worked. Finally went to USA for further studies and now works for a start-up. And wonders if he will ever get back to singing.
  • A girl who was transformed by her maths teacher from a shy, silent child in class VII to the class leader who would, as she grows up, take up debate and dramatics and never feel shy again (have got the contact number of the teacher)

Excited! Will keep you guys posted. And once again, those who love me and want to support what I am doing, it will be awesome if you could write a sentence in your blog about my work at and use the following anchor text (instead of writing – “ Amrit, a candid wedding photographer“. When a lot of people write the words “candid wedding photographer” which is linked to, Google remembers it like that. And helps those searching for candid wedding photographers, get a chance to see my work!

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