A request to my blogger friends

Now most of you know that more than a year ago, I left my job and took up photography full time. That’s my only source of living. Most of my client find me through my website And it’s not just because it has awesome pictures to showcase but because till some time back, it usually showed up on the first page of Google searches for a lot of queries such as “candid wedding photographer in India”, “top photographers in India” etc. I thought that was enough. But guess what, it isn’t! So lately has stopped showing up for most of the queries and that means I am badly hit financially. That means, if this continues, I cannot pursue photography (and wedding cinematography) for long.That means like most of you guys, I will have to go back to corporate life. And live without a good reason to live. Unless some of you may be willing to help.

All I want you to do is, sign into your blog accounts (in case it still is active) and just put in a post talking about me. A line or two is enough. If you have more to talk about, your are my best friend! 🙂 But most importantly, you need to let your readers know about (with a possible link). I believe such links from blogs helps Google push up the site ranking. Facebook linking does not help much!

Now I don’t want you to do this favour just because I am requesting you to do so. Do that if you genuinely like my work on ShaadiGraPher and if you actually believe that people looking for the best wedding photographers in India, should at least get to see my work ,when they Google for it. Because if they don’t, I wouldn’t know know how to sustain in this area. Some of you might not have blogged in a long long while – may be I am giving you a good enough cause to help your friend stay away from the corporate life! Thanks in advance! Let’s see where this goes! And if you actually do end up talking about me (which I sincerely hope you do), may be I can draw a caricature for you in return 😛

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I wish you were a little more professional and would have replied to queries, even if it was a no from your side. Like a famous guy once said … Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage.
Please feel free to remove this comment from here. Just wanted to deliver the message (personal experience).

I mostly do. Irrespective of whether I can take up the job or not. Having said that, if for some reason neither me nor Neelabh could revert to you, we are sorry! This an exception than a norm!

I dont know if this wud be useful. Have you heard of SEOs. Sort if internet marketing ppl. In short they work to increas traffic on ur website…basicallythe rating of ur website..

Amrit, I have done a post in my blog after exactly 3 years, but I felt my writter’s block had good reason for getting in to blogging again, you gave me the reason to write again, Thank You for that !! I’m not sure you know me, but I know you from your IIT days, WIsh my post helps u to keep contiuing the passion, here is the post, if you want anything to be edited let me know

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