Happy new year – 2014

You remember how I used to write about the year that was post every year? Ah, this year I don’t feel like doing it really. Because I do not much remember what all I really did in 2013. Apart from say moving to Goa and making it home. And finding few friends here as well. And losing few lakhs worth of camera, lenses & accessories in Bhubaneswar. Shooting my first international wedding. With Neelabh. More flight hours than I have ever had in a year. May be more than I have ever had in even two years. And did I do my first couple-shoot in 2013? No, I think it was second. It was in Pune. And on that line, let me try remembering the number of different cities where I did pre / post wedding shoots during rest of the year – Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Nagpur, Indore, Ahmedabad and Udaipur clomid tablets. I am sure I missed mentioning a city or two more, but that’s ok. Phew! Saw Taploo getting married as well. And ran just one half marathon in whole of year. That too, extremely pathetically. Booked tickets to Greece but then got them cancelled because something important got scheduled during the same time. What else, what else, what else? Ah, bought Gopro, shot underwater just once and then lost the camera (the same Bhubaneswar theft). Bought a new laptop after like 5 year? 15″ Macbook Pro wit retina in case you are wondering which one. Pretty fast it is with quadcore, 8 GB RAM and things like that. A new phone after like 3 years. Note3 in case you are wondering again. Not because I am a big fan of Samsung or Android but because when I asked a shop at the airport if they had the latest iPhone in stock, I was told no. I wanted to buy a phone right then, and in any case wasn’t too sure which one was better. So just went ahead with N3. Yeah just like that. Not much research and stuff. Though I had been told by Tota a day before that it definitely scored better on battery life. Fair enough. What else, what else? Pretty non happening, eh? No wonder this year I don’t feel like writing about the year that was! Let me just say happy new year to you, aye. Let me just see what all I do this year. As a hint, tickets have been booked for New Zealand. See you! How was your year btw, mind sharing?

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You shot in Srinagar too, didn’t you? Some shoot where you forgot to get the contract signed!

To answer your question- how was my year! I wrote a series of year end posts on my blog 🙂

I did shoot in Srinagar Surbhi but that was last to last year (2012 August end). Waqt kitni jaldi gujarta hai, nahi? And going by your post, you sure had a good year! 🙂

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