On trying to create stories

I have spent quite some time working on a story to picturize for Subbus’ pre-wedding film. Subbu is getting married by the way. In Feb next year. And instead of shooting a pre-wedding song (like I had gotten made for myself last year), this time I want to make a short film. The story that I have been working on, with Subbu and Subbi, is more or less based on their actual love life. And the centre point of their love life has been long distance relationship (LDR). So the movie had to be about long distance relationship. The LDR finally ended last year when Subbu moved to Delhi so we decided to focus on the part when he was in Mumbai and she in Delhi and how Subbu kept buying time till he realized that there is no right time really to move closer to the person you love the most. That one doesn’t have to wait to get married before one can spend more time with ones love.

Both Subbu and I keep fearing that the movie might become boring. That there is nothing too dramatic, too intense that happens really. A good story needs strong characters for whom the audience feels – and then some conflict / challenge should be thrown at these characters and then they should overcome that. What is the conflict in Subbu and Subbi’s story? That they are in a long distance relationship and are finding it difficult to make it any shorter before needing to get married? Is this challenge really that great?

I am on a flight from Bangalore to Mumbai at the moment (will publish this post once I land). Subbu will be landing in Mumbai too, more or less at the same time. He is flying in from Delhi. He has taken a leave tomorrow (yes, Sunday is a working day for him – his off day is Monday). I plan to shoot scenes with him in outdoor locations in Mumbai so that we can visually establish in the movie that has moved to Mumbai. Given that he now lives in Delhi, we had to plan this trip to Mumbai just for these few shots which will make the movie look more credible and real.

Subbu will stay in Mumbai on Monday and then fly to Bhubaneswar the day after. I would be in Bhopal (for a wedding shoot) on Monday and will also be joining Subbu the day after in Bhubaneswar. We have taken up a cinematic wedding film + candid photography assignment in Bhubaneswar and we look forward to do a kickass job. I have already had a discussion with the couple on their love story and have a broad storyline in mind for their wedding film. Subbu will be my cinematographer. Let’s see how it turns out. Lot of stories to work on. Lot of movie to make. Life is good.

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