Obsessed with, again

And after many months, I am once again obsessed with – the website. This time around, even after spending several unnecessary hours on trying to make it better, I must say that at the end of it, I didn’t bring in too many new changes; just small fine tunings. Like de-cluttering the landing page (but still letting the same picture-story run, as has been since Feb this year).

I also love these new icons that I have created on the site, to guide people to check out specific types of wedding shoots (not that it really matters to me as a photographer; but I am sure a prospective client would feel more confident if she / he saw pictures from a ‘similar’ wedding than any general wedding). Some friends have been suggesting that such symbols might piss few off – but let’s see. Unless it starts hurting financially, I would rather maintain a sense of ‘creative-freedom’ on the site than appear all serious and boring. I did replace few political symbols (like Modi for Gujarati and Manmohan Singh for Sikh) with those from entertainment industry.





Have also tried to make the site more readable on smart-phones. But in that regard, two things still need to be worked upon  – a) the table that shows our rate-chart (on phone, you can’t really read anything in the table,  without zooming in) and b) the photo-book options (same issue as that with a). Other than that, almost all content, all pictures and the layout work just as good on phone as on a laptop / computer. Yay!

So what else happening in life you ask? Well biwi, and I Po put J yesterday, got high and then went to a nearby Taj to thulp pastries in one of their bakery outlets. From there I had coffee with these guys I am featuring in my next documentary (my first documentary, a very very short one can be seen here). I was there to help them in pitching for a museum project, by putting in my experience in development of tourism infrastructure projects. The plan is to have a museum for photography here in Goa. So ironical is this new life. There was a time when I was doing full time consulting to make a living and clicking pictures once in a while, for free. Now I click pictures once in a while and still make the same money. And do free consulting once in a while. This is a blissful life for as long as it lasts.

Will get back soon with more updates. With a Shitoon may be.

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