Mujhe shakti do bhagwaan

Felt like doing a concept shoot today. Couldn’t come up with any concept. So biwi said she will just walk in the rain under my rainbow coloured umbrella and I can click her and call it the monsoon concept. Well, I couldn’t think of anything better so I said fine. And then we went driving. And we waited for rains. Fuck, it never did.


So I found this crazy cross in the greens and said let me just click some pictures with you posing in a fake prayer types pose. And she posed. And I clicked. Funny us. I wonder how many of you (especially those who are familiar with Goa) can figure out what this place is.


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Both the pictures were shot with a sigma 50 f1.4 on a Canon 6d body. The first picture was shot at smaller aperture of about f6 and uses an off camera flash to light biwi from the left (and thats why looks so dramatic). The second one is the standard wide aperture (1.4) no-flash pic. The next time we try the monsoon theme, Jesus better make it rain. Or else we will resort to such cheap pics! 😛 Funny us!

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