Runs, movie-edits, upcoming crazy July shoots and Superman

I ran after more than a month today. I feel bad about giving the Goa half marathon a miss earlier in Feb (when I had moved to this beach city). March, April, May, June. Ah, it’s been just four months, eh? It feels like I have lived in this citt ever since! Anyway, so yeah, I feel bad about giving the Goa half marathon a miss. Not that I regret it or anything. Goa has two such marathons every year and the next one will be some time in the winters, so I will run that. I didn’t run in Feb because there was no point running when the legs didn’t give me enough confidence.

The next run, and the first one for this year should be the Mumbai half in Aarey road (07 July 2013). Biwi will be joining me. Our tickets are already booked. I will do the 21k while she will pick up a dream run types for herself. I have this feeling it’ll rain that day. And that will be real fun. We will see.

I am shooting like crazy in July by the way. Three days after the Mumbai half, I need to be in Pune for a two day wedding shoot of my brother’s college-mate. No, no, no free shoot, he is paying of course (the guy has a nice job in US and all that; he even agreed to carry for me a slider (a video shooting equipment) that I bought on Amazon and shipped to his US address).

I have been working on a wedding film edit since last few days. Editing footages from a wedding is like reliving that wedding a hundred million times. I am sure I am the only one who is going to relive this wedding so many times. Not even the couple or their families will. Editing is exhausting. It takes so much time and yet it is so difficult to make a touching and non-boring wedding film at the end of it. Anyway, will share the movie soon with you guys (should be about 40 minutes long). You can pass the verdict. I am okay as long as I am improving. Or figuring out how to make these movies as interesting as possible. By the way, I wonder how many of you guys still read my blog. Would you be kind enough to just ping a comment? Or shoot a blank email to with the subject “Vatsap?’, so I know? I know most of you are as lazy as me, but still, see if you can let me know.

So I was talking about the insane amount of shooting that’s lined up for July. After spending two days in Pune, I fly to Kochi where I shoot for three days. It’s a weekend and Biwi is joining me there again. And on the third day, a lot more people are joining me because I would be on a few-days vacation in Kerala itself. Devouring all the greenness that the place might have to offer. So bhai, behen-behenoi and papa-mummy will join me in Kochi and after our vacation gets overs, I will fly to Mumbai for a two day shoot and only then return to Goa. Only to head to Nagpur in two, three days for a yet another 2-day wedding shoot! Phew!

Anyway, guess will sleep now. Gotta go run tomorrow morning. Remember about that comment-pinging / blank-email with Vatsap? thing, ok. And wait, wait, before I crash off, let me tell you I saw that Superman movie today (in 3d of course). Save the first 15 minutes, which I think dragged a way too much, most of the movie was kickass. The visual effects was slightly too much in some sense, but still, I enjoyed. And the guy who plays Superman is absolutely perfect. He has nailed the role. So go watch it and bear with the over-dose of CGI!

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i read too! have read off and on for years. was a guest at one of the weddings you recently shot, incidentally 🙂

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