Cached images from the deleted post on lemp brewpub Gurgaon incident


Below is the screen-shot taken from the now deleted blogpost about the lemp brewpub Gurgaon incident

Note: after extracting this from Google cache, it was pointed out that the same also exists on Scribd

Cached images from the deleted post on lemp brewpub Gurgaon incident

How a lunch at Lemp Brewpub Gurgaon turned out to be the most horrid experience ever

Lemp Brew Pub

Lemp Brew Pub: Curious Case Of A Hawaiian Brunch In Gurgaon

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harassment at gurgaon pub

recent incident at a pub in gurgaon lempub

recent incident at a pub in gurgaon

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Lemp Brewpub Gurgaon incident 1


Through Facebook, I found this blog and I thought an incident like this was worth being talked about freely in public. And today morning, again through Facebook I realized that the actual blogpost was deleted. The obvious conclusion is that the actual writer was most likely threatened by the hotel owner. So well, thanks to Google cache, the post is up again. Spread the word – and this time, better still, copy-paste the images to your blog and post. Free speech can’t die this easily!


PS: by posting this here, I don’t intend to agree to all that has been written by the original writer – these are his views and it is up to the readers to endorse these.


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