Anuja was looking for the best wedding photographer in Bangalore. And then she found me.

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I was a manager in a consulting firm in Mumbai when Anuja called me. One fine day. Must have been June or July.She worked in Bangalore then. She had been scouting for the best wedding photographers to shoot her upcoming wedding. And thats how she found us – ShaadiGraPher. We had a deal on phone and I met her soon in Bangalore. I have this feeling it was my birthday the day I met her. She worked for an advertisement agency and I met her in her office.

‘We have got regular photographers for taking pictures of everyone else. But I want you to focus on me. Just keep clicking my pictures. I really look forward to your pictures and they are going to be very very special.’

‘You will love the pictures’, I assured her. And then I came to my sister’s place (who lives in Bangalore) and cut a cake I guess. And carried on with a shoot in Bangalore the next day. Returned to Mumbai. Took a sabbatical from my job shortly. Got married to my girl-friend. Flew to Cape Town for our honeymoon and from there flew to Johannesburg to Mumbai to Bhopal, all ready for her wedding shoot. It was December already. And I was slightly jet-lagged but all ready. My first shoot as a married person. 😛

Below are just three pictures from the 20 + picture story on ShaadiGraPher

Best wedding photographer in Bangalore – the Bhopal shoot story

best wedding photographer in bangalore best wedding photographer in bangalorebest wedding photographer in bangalore


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