The best Wedding Photographer Goa might have…

…may not be me yet, but over the next few years I would sure like to be amongst that group. The best wedding photographer Goa – how cool it sounds! 🙂 Those who are first-timers to this place should check out – my wedding photography website / blog. Waiting eagerly to get an assignment in this new city that I have moved to.

[box style=”tip”][Update (06 March 2013): the first couple shoot and post on Goa, posted on ShaadiGraPher, click the pic below to read….][/box]

Best wedding photographer Goa

The Goa marathon is just two days ahead but the knees are not feeling all that great. I gradually moved up the distance from 6 Km to 10Km but it will take a couple of more weeks to get super comfortable with that on a daily basis.

[box style=”grey”]Biwi has been meeting a lot of people here in Goa, from dance instructors to event managers – she should get started with something soon I am guessing. She had gone for a meeting yesterday when I left for a run. And I ran into her. She stopped the car, rolled down the windows and told me how mean it was of me to not wait for her and go running alone. To put things in perspective, we had been running together (for the first 3 Km) since last few days. So she said that and drove away. I went on with my running. And wondered if I really liked running alone more than running with her. Or with anyone for that matter. I am not sure. In a way, running is a very lonely thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you are running alone, or with your wife, or friend, or with a billion other people during a marathon. When you are running, you are basically running with you. At your pace. With your thoughts. Running gives you a space that nothing else can really. Lets see how my thoughts on this evolve. Till then, happy running everyone. :)[/box]

PS: If you are coming to Goa for the marathon, please do let me know – we should catch up. Doesn’t really matter if we have never caught up before in life! 🙂

[box style=”tip”]Update – adding few pictures I shot (2 days after this post was posted) from a Zumba dancers party at Baga Beach. Biwi performed along with several more Zumba instructors.[/box]

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