The first one week in Goa…

…has been about setting up the house, running on beaches, gyming inside the apartment complex, driving our new car, eating three times a day, sipping wines on moon-lit nights, and sun-lit evenings, optimizing, watching movies in INOX, and on TV, struggling with the Vodafone signal (or lack of it), moving on to !dea, and most important of all, an exra loving biwi who has been offering me chai and breakfast every single morning!

There is a Goa Marathon on 3rd of March and guess that will be fun. I am doing the half and biwi the 5k dream run. It’s fun to walk down the the Caranzalem beach which is like a 10 minute walk and then run all along it past Miramar – to as far as the beach exists which is like 2.5 Km and then exit to the main road and run back. Will warm up with these slow 5k jogs for a while before I start increasing the distance. Till then, these runs are about seeing people taking pictures of the sunset (and killing their frames once in a while by running past them), about the non-consistent tide level, about a large vessel that can be seen far away, about some more slow beach-joggers, a couple of huge dogs who come for a stroll with their owners, topless uncles lying inside the water, the beach-guards who keep moving around in their red-shirts and red jeep, Marriott where I often see old firangs sipping something and eating something as they enjoy the sunset, cracking of shells beneath my feet, garbage lying along the coastline which I feel like cleaning some-time, fishermen, and their boats, beach-cricket and beach-football and the sand-castle making kids.

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