Crimsons skies, jobless life, upcoming wedding and the running plans

Sitting at home here in Deoghar, I was trying to write something on my laptop. And suddenly I noticed a reflection in the screen. It was that of the crimson coloured evening sky, peeping through the window behind my back. I turned to have a good look. And what a crazily stunning look that was. I rushed to the terrace and shot couple of 3 exposure images. With my wide angle. And then I thought of also shooting some with 135mm (because there was a beautiful hill very far away which I thought would look very grand if shot by a zoom). And below is that one pic which I think I like the most from about the five, six that I shot. What do you guys think?

Now that I have started writing a post, why not write about few more things. Things, that I had been intending to type down since quite a while now.

People ask me how is life without a job. Well, to begin with, I don’t feel jobless at all. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is enough work to do, in terms of traveling, shooting pictures, meeting people and organizing parties. I have been meeting a lot of ย nice and interesting people than I could have had I been busy working as a regular employee. I have been able to spend so much more time with my family – brother, sister, cousins, parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and with my best friends. When it rains and all that I want to do is have a coffee and read a book, I actually do that. I probably have a two days a week working day if I think about it and it can’t get cooler. And given that when I say work, all I mean is shooting various emotions of human faces, it in itself is quite fun. At least for the time being. The ‘processing’ part is not that great but it is probably the only thing that keeps me connected to the sad realty of life – you have to work hard and life is boring most of the time.

Wedding preparations are going good. Have made most of my friends and relatives book their tickets for Ahmedabad. MRP and I have also booked our honeymoon tickets.

Planning a honeymoon is so bloody difficult man. I like those good old days when middle class people like me had sweet and simple select options. Shimla, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Ooty if it had to be a hill-station. Goa, Pondicherry, Kovalam, Puri if it had to be a beach destination. But look at today. No one, absolutely no one wants to honeymoon in India. I mean okay there are few who are able to convince their wives otherwise, but I guess most girls would simply not settle down with Indian options. Hau, India me honeymoon? Hum kisiko muh dikhaane ke layak kaise rahenge agar aisa kiya to? Crazy shit man. Blame it on Facebook. Kuch nahi hua to Singapore ya Thailand to jaana hi hai. Aur ek LCD to leke aana hi hai.

Anyway, so after hopping over from Greece to Venice to Italy to Mauritius to Maldives to Australia and to where-not we have finally booked our tickets for South Africa (Cape Town and around). I just need to ensure that there is enough money from the coming three months to be able to a) buy her some nice dress / jewellery for the wedding, b) organize a reception party at Deoghar and c) stay in good places when we finally leave to SA.

Will keep you guys updated. Need to be back to Mumbai by Thursday for two consecutive days of photo-shoot, post which training for ultra-half marathon in Shimla shall begin. Wish me luck (don’t think I have had a run since last four months may be).

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Sorry for the late reply .. actually I just mentioned that because of the security situation there in some parts/townships but since you guys are adventurous kind, might be okay with it. Otherwise it is a beautiful place.

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