Last few days…

…of regular office work. Unless I decide to come back to it after an year – the time I have bought from the company where I work. The time for sabbatical.

I am so glad I have shifted to mac. The sturdiness and the neatness is unmatched. The 21 inch imac screen looks like a palace of snow. And I its king.

I am loving the Mumbai rains. Even when I am not cycling to office anymore, unlike last year. A, because the cycle was stolen from my Santacruz flat few months back. B, I don’t live in Santacruz anymore.

After a long gap, I would be seeing myself running again. Have settled for something higher than half marathon but lesser than full. It’s ultra-half. 28k. But the best part is the location. Shimla. Fuck. The idea of running 28k in hills is so kickass. Daunting at the same time.

So many things I am waiting to do, once I am off from the firm. Learning horse riding (so that I can do the Manali-Leh solo horse trip sooner than later; they teach it pretty cheap at Mahalaxmi). Practicing rock-climbing (so sad that never did it after the one month grueling course at HMI in Darjeeling last year). Getting back to all the pending books that I was gifted by Lux because I made cover-page designs for her research journal two years back. Regular Shitooning. Catching up with Til to create some fresh music (something that I can use as tracks in some of the wedding videos I would be shooting – really inspired by the making of Womania song btw). Til told me he is Indore these days but would give me a buzz when back to Mumbai for coupla days.

And the other important thing is surprising MRP with a wicked-ass heart-melting gift that I have in my mind which I want to present to her on our wedding day. I know exactly what I want and would need to work on that – will need some effort, but would be worth it to see her expressions when its unveiled on 29th. By the way, MRP and I also plan to shoot a Bollywood style number over the couple of months – which we will play probably on the Sangeet day. Ah that reminds me, the first thing I need to do is design a wicked Wedding Card invite. And I am not going to send e-invite to anyone. That just sucks man. Writing emails and telling people to come to your marriage – with a bloody scanned card. Sheh! How much money does it cost really to send some naaice real card. I am not getting married online or something, am I? So why should the card not be real? Will delegate the job of printing and couriering to may be 😛

It’s fun staying with Subbu by the way. The only thing that we keep asking each other all day is – ‘ek coffee banao na. please.’ LOL! And LOL se yaad aaya. Subbus has this new habit. While speaking to people, if he finds something funny, he says LOL. LOL! I understand writing LOL on blog (but more on chats). But saying LOL as a word? LOL! How freaky is that. If what he finds is funny enough to be LOLed – he should laugh out loud. But he can’t just utter LOL, can he? I mean I give up!

Fine, need to finish one last report as a Business Consultant. Phir aish hi aish. Aap bataao, kya haal?


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