On meeting soon-to-be-married couples

Carter road CCD / Costa has become my favourite place for meeting prospective Shaadigrapher clients. MRP had introduced me to this place and I love the air about it. The sea-view about it. The people who come here to hang out. Simply too much positive vibe in the air – and you can so totally feel it.

It’s another story that since a lot of my prospects don’t live in Mumbai (or Hyd where Neelabh stays) – they often don’t get to meet us till the wedding day. Facebook / email / website or phone se kaam chalaana padta hai. Those who are here in Mumbai, and find time, do meet. It’s always great meeting soon-to-be-married couples. I simply love the way such couples look at each other. Talk to each other. So much of love. It’s overwhelming.

The folks I met yesterday would be getting married near Nainital in November this year – a few days before I get married myself. And they look super cute together. What a chemistry between them! Even when the girl told me it’s an arranged marriage. And this girl by the way, is the second person who also wants to chuck her job and start doing what I am doing. Wedding photography. I have met few so far who don’t tell me they are jealous of my job. Shooting here and then shooting there and then traveling in between with all the free time in the world. Isn’t this what I always wanted?

MRP often asks me – ‘is that what gives you a kick, haan? making others feel jealous?’

‘LOL. Yes, it does!’, that’s just an honest answer. What to do! For some reason, doing what most others don’t / can’t makes me feel super cool and super happy about my life. Because beyond that, happiness anyway is purely an internal thing and I can be happy pretty much doing anything and anywhere.

Anyway, to bus yahi sab chal raha abhi life me aur kya.. aap sunaaiye.. kya haal chaal!

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