Forthcoming short-term end of corporate life

June will end in a week’s time. And then July in a month. And then I shall be moving on from my consulting job of four years. Moving on from a regular corporate life. All so that I have enough time to read random books, do theater, meet friends and family more often, get back to regular running and travel more often. From all my calculations Shaadigrapher seems adequate to financially sustain my life for a while. We shall see.

Talking about Shaadigrapher, it is overwhelming to meet strangers who tell you they loved your work. This is what I always wanted, didn’t I? Fans! That’s what made me feel so good about myself during my last few years in insti when my life was otherwise full of shit. Just like everyone else’s.

Today, someone confirmed booking me to shoot her wedding in Srinagar. All I can say is wow! I am loving every bit of this new emerging lifestyle. Shooting pictures. Getting paid for it. And getting to travel places.

Very tired now. Will pick it from here in the next post.

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