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Shaadi ho to aisi

2 May 2011

‘Just about eight months to the wedding. I want to start sending invitations to my guests from now itself. I want them to block their calendars and all that. It’s not too early no?’, he asked.

‘No, no. Not at all.’ Yum replied. ‘In fact, I have a nice idea myself about a style of invitation that no one can forget. If I may?’

‘Haan haan, bataao bataao’, he was curious.

‘How about getting some such personality to record few inviting words on camera, to whom the world listens to? And then sending these video-cds or may be even a link to an uploaded video to your guests?’, inquired Yum.

‘Sounds interesting. But that some such personality could be?”

By evening, he got his answer. Yum had arranged for the personality to start recording his first marriage invitation video. The video became a viral hit overnight.

9 June 2011

Still a few months before the marriage, he realized he hadn’t figured out what gift to gift. To his darling son on his wedding.

‘Dear Yum, what gift to gift?

‘A kickass live painting?’, Yum’s response was swift.

‘Hmm, good stuff’, he was pleased. ‘Who?, he asked.

Yum looked into God’s eyes. And winked. With a smirk. God winked back.

As the white haired painter painted his son in the evening, the son felt so proud of his father, you could see tears of love dripping through his eyes. And oh, how so beautifully did the painter in white hair capture them.

14 August 2011

Two months down the line, it was time to officially meet the ladkivaalas, the last time before the wedding night itself. ‘Can we have someone who can add some charm to our coterie?’

‘Sure, leave that to me.’ Yum assured. I know just the man who would be apt for this.

Yum arranged for the man who was apt for it. As the guests were seated at the ladkivalon ke ghar, and men and women chit chatted, the apt man spoke the apt line.  ‘Hum to bus itna chahte hain ki baraation ka swagat Paan Paraag se ho’.

5 October 2011

‘Do you think it would be a good idea to have someone on board, who can help the wider public have online access to my son’s wedding? Through phone apps and stuff like that?’.

‘Sure thing’, Yum agreed. ‘And I think I have just the right person in mind for this jobs’. Yum and him laughed together at the Pun. Within five days, the marriage app was the most downloadable stuff on internet.

10 October 2011

The last function before the marriage ceremony could commence was a Gazal night where the who’s who of town were invited. Those who couldn’t, followed up through live streaming on their i-phones and i-pods and i-pads. Once the night was over, they understood why back there on earth, they called him the Ghazal king.

03 December 2011

The wedding night. Finally. Only when the baraatis started dancing around the dulha seated atop a ghodi, did they notice who the old dancer was, dancing with them. Singing and dancing with joy. With life. The old dancer brought through special invitation to shake a leg with each one of them.

Pal bhar ke liye koi hume pyaar kar le. Jhoota hi sahi.

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