MRP meets family

Family bole to ma, nani, Subbu, Sweety, nana. These guys are in Mumbai for a week.

They all liked her.

I congratulate you on your discovery. You will have a happy life. Said nana.

Come here. Let me offer you this mithai. Said nani. To her. She put a mithai in MRP’s mouth. And then planted a kiss on her cheeks.

How nervous she was in the auto. As I brought her from her place to Subbus.

Is it going to be an interview kind of thing? She asked.
Of course. I said.
Mujhe ghobrahat ho rahi hai. She said.
Honi bhi chahiye. I said.

MRP. I love you. And now my family loves you. Ahcha ye bataao Mujhe apne ghar valon se Kab milvaogi, haan?

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I am happy to read and visualize the entire event. sounds a little film but I like how it turned out for you bro. Ab aapki baari hai nervous hone ki. all the best.

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