7 Khoon to maaf but what about the 1 chori, haan?

Couple of us were sitting in the guest-house when someone played the trailer of 7KM on Youtube. Rushia exclaimed – ‘hey this is just like our folk song’. And then she made us listen to one version of the folk song she was talking about. And after listening to it, we exclaimed – WTF Vishal Bhardwaj, tum bhi chor nikle?

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Ahan, trailer looks interesting! And I see some good actors. Not to mention, Chopra herself is climbing up the “can act!” ladder.

No comments re chori. I lost bharosa on Bollywood ages ago.

It is mentioned on the cd of the movie that the song is borrowed from Kalinka. Not Chori then, is it? 🙂

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