Will I be able to complete my first full marathon?

Today is a Sunday. Early morning though. My first Full marathon shall begin in next few hours. The interesting thing is that my last run was on last Monday (six days ago) and that had been just a little over 10K. I had booze last Friday (36 hrs ago) – very little though, some red wine and shit. And I didn’t sleep on Saturday night (zero hrs ago).

Alright, off for my 42 Km suicide attempt. Wish me luck when you read this. And don’t ask me how much time I took. As long as I can come back and say I finished it.

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The name is MRP – not MRF! Could not have beer though. Had fever in the evening. So she just came over and gave me medicine and hugs and made me go to sleep. It felt better than it would have felt to have beer though! 🙂

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