Sabarmati Full marathon

After I was done with 21, I said to myself – the real run begins now. After I was done with 21, I realized that from then on, the spacing of service booths was horrendous. The few that existed, had nothing more than water to offer. Plain crap bullshit. 30k was without much problem. But I was too thirsty and hungry after that and the lack of either water or sugar for the next three kilometers fucked me up. So I started to walk. After 2 hours 55 minutes of non-stop running. After 33k. And that’s when I got cramps in the calf muscles.

However hard I tried, I could not run after that. And then when I reached 37k walking, God came down to earth, seated as a human being in an Innova and offered to me Gatorade. I took few sips and returned theΒ  bottle to God. And then it appeared rude to not even try to run again. So I tried to run. First I ignored the cramps. And then the cramps ignored me.

My God in Innova kept accompanying me and kept offering me refreshments at every 1k interval. And then Karnavati showed up in the last few kilometers to ensured that I had enough water and glucose and biscuits. Even MRP popped up 2k before the finish line and the mere sight of her made me feel complete. And happy. And made me forget all pain. From 37k to 42.8k, I finally ran non-stop till I finished my first full marathon. Yipee. Thank you God. Thank you Karnavati. And thank you MRP – my love.

PS: Alright, for the curious folks – I took 4 hours 46 minutes. And my legs are pretty much fucked up as I type this. But then – yipee!

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Dude.. Congratulations.. πŸ™‚

Come to Bangalore for a marathon sometime.. Lets run together.. 😎

P.S: Unlike you, I will do the fun run though.. πŸ˜‰

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