Heritage Walk, random talk and some meaw

Billi boli meaw. Or may be meaaoon. Or something similar. The point is that the billi said something. The point is that I am writing something. Even if it might just be something that I should be writing in my personal diary. Because I don’t have a personal diary. Meaw.

(billi = cat; boli = said)

Ahmedabad wasn’t this cold the same time last year. I don’t know if last year was an exception or is it this. The year will get over anyway. Very soon. And that’s crazy because hey, it’s been over an year now that I have been working from Ahmedabad. Gandhinagar to be precise. At least most of the times. Mera desh mera ‘gaon’. Kaooaa bolay kawn kawn. Or something similar. The point is…

(mera = my; desh = country; gaon = village; Kaooaa = crow; bolay =  says)

The weekend before the weekend that just got over, I went to Hyderabad. Sweety and Neelabh both live in Hyderabad. And both of them were not in the city when I went. Such is life. But life wasn’t all that bad. If one work had made me and Rushia visit Hyd, another work did the same to MRP. So on both days, after our work got over, we could spend time with each other. I remember we went to Ten Downing Street one evening. I don’t remember what we did the other evening. Oh wait, I remember now. Oh shit, I don’t want to talk about it.

MRP did a jigg on Munni badnam hui this weekend. On a stage. With few more dancers. Special potential group. I took Yanvi and Rushia along to watch MRP dance. And Yanvi and Rushia got some nicely located seats in the centre while I and Cloudy sat in a corner from where a six-piece flash light obstructed 3/10th of the stage. I love coming up with perverted fractional figures like 3/10th.

During the morning hours of the same day when MRP danced for us and the rest of the audience (who by the way were referred to as ‘parents’ by the metrosexual anchor in red t-shirt who had totally forgotten to account for friends and boy-friends and girl friends), Yanvi, Rushia and I went for the Ahmedabad Heritage walk. Below is a heritage picture.

I will come to the Heritage-Walk in a while but talking about picture, you must watch that Band Baraati waali movie with Ms. Sharma as the heroine and the new comer hero who I reckon is called Ranbir Singh. Ranbir Singh has really nailed the role and the first half of movie is worth every penny spent. We liked it very much – Ali, Cummon, Yanvi, Macuhl and I (I am not sure about Rushia because I am not sure how much of the movie she really did understand).

And now coming back to the Heritage Walk. We got up late in the morning and thus we did not have recourse to a real living physical guide made of flesh and blood and tissues and bones. Because the flesh had departed about half an hour before we reached House of MG from where the walk was supposed to begin. So we rented a Sony MP3 for Rs. 100 each. The Sony MP3 was our audio-guide. But using it was not half as convenient as using an audio-guide had been in the Udaipur palace last year.

We walked for about two hours and went off the map many a times. Locals did help us reach the right location most of the time though. The place we liked most was the Jumma Masjid. Even when the picture that I have posted above is from the Bhadra fort. And now that I realize it, let me also put up a picture of mine clicking photographs in the Jumma Masjid. It was my ‘hey can you click a picture of us’ day by the way. Happened at least twice.

Please do notice how the lady in red sweater above is going all gaga over a shot that I clicked of hers with her family. LOL – did I really have to say that. Sometimes I kill myself. And talking about killing myself, I must tell you about the Sabarmati full marathon which if I am able to do would definitely leave me dead.

After reading through pages of fundays on how to train for a marathon, I just decided to come up with a schedule of my own. And the schedule that I came up was:

  • day 1: 30 minutes run + 1 hour gymming
  • day 2: an hour’s run + 1 hour gymming
  • day 3: 1.5 hrs run
  • day 4: break
  • day 5 = day 1 and thereafter

I started it quite well a month ago but then thanks to the Hyd trip, the schedule got all messed up – ended up with a seven days gap between two runs. Anyway – last five days have been perfect except that I missed gymming on one of the days. The marathon is the weekend after the coming weekend and insha Allah, I shall be able to keep repeating my self evolved schedule until then. The only problem is that I still have no fucking clue if this schedule can really train anyone to do a 42 Km race at the first place. We will see. As I said, sometimes I kill myself.

Before I end, if things don’t go wrong at the last moment, a month full of insanely awesome adventure is on the anvil. Like friggin epic-ly wickedly awesome. Meaoon. Meaw.

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