This dope thing

I am kinda doped you now. Right now. As I am typing this. tick tick tick. They call it the side-effect. The drug is Cephalexin. A dermatologist prescribed this for me so that my chin could get rid of a grotesque puss-oozing wound – around which now lie scattered a million more small pimplish type yuck-max mounds. I don’t know how much help Cephalexin has been (my chin is as fucked up as it has been since the last few days), but I do know I am getting mad with its side-effects. Let’s quote Wiki on that:

Side effects from Cephalexin include – but are not limited to – diarrhea, dizziness, headache, indigestion, joint pain, stomach pain, and tiredness. The drug can also cause yellowing of the eyes or skin; red, blistered, swollen or peeling skin; unusual bruising or bleeding; decreased urination; severe cramps; confusion.

Every day I think of giving up. Every day I swallow the pill thinking – what the hell. Everyday I wander around in a fucked up state. And to top that, I was caught up in the middle of working days staying in a place where there is no distinction between office and home. It feels stupid to take leave here till you drop dead – which I did kind of – Wednesday afternoon. I even smsed Hanuman that I was taking a day off. You can’t crash in office and get paid for it. May be you can but you shouldn’t. Whatever. May be I was too doped to simply crash off.

I don’t watch football and all that. But the dope effect combined with Bali and Ali’s super enthu for FIFA kinda dragged me into it. There is nothing else I can do anyway when my brain goes all boom except watch TV.

Bro is doing some pseud-giri by creating and emailing everybody that “dezains” has “hired” Vatsap. LOL. I have already received few “WTF” messages and I can’t help smiling. Bloody bro doesn’t even agree to pay me 200 bucks per caricature. He can bloody well lick my ass in that case. Unless of course he can find a software to create 80% of any caricature so that I only need to touch up.

Shit I am feeling pretty good after having written so much after ages. I guess I should blog more often in that case. At least as long as I keep swallowing Cephalexin. Reading On the Road these days. And kinda feel like dying more often than not. It’s a weird kind of sadness. Or may be just this dope thing. Shit. Bye.

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