Clothless roaming and making room

Some of you must be wondering about the dwindling frequency of my blog posts. I shall blame that on my relationship. I wish I could blog about the vagaries of the relationship that I am into. May be I would. Some day. Not before I am either married off to her or we break-up for real. Yes, not before that. We have broken up and made up so many times in the past four months, that I have lost all counts. And now, before more is revealed than necessary, let me swiftly change the topic. Let me talk about lack of clothes.

Some of us from my company had a nice time yesterday roaming around with hardly any cloth on us, in a crowded sub-urb of Gandhinagar in broad day light. We were in a water park. By the way, when I looked at some of my photographs on the LCD of my cam, I realized I was losing shape – especially in terms of the expanding waist. Holy shit I say.

Later in the day, at the guest-house, Ali, I and Ramu kaka shifted the multi-gym (from a room downstairs – where I had set it up about two weeks ago) to Ali’s room upstairs. We then shifted a bed from a room upstairs to the room from which we had removed the multi-gym. We were making room for the third guy – Macuhl – who would join us the next day. You can appreciate the fight that Ali, I and Ramu kaka had to put only when you try lifting those heavy things that we lifted yesterday. Moving the multi-gym was comparatively easier but at one point of time, the bed had simply got stuck midway at the stairs. Where there is will, there is a way. And where there are screw-drivers, with bed-frames you can play. We disassembled the frame finally and got the job done. And then we watched Taken.

Besides Macuhl who has already arrived, Bali shall also join Ali and I in the guest-house from tonight. This place is going to be livelier now. Enjoy the summers.

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Take time-offs between the fights 🙂 or write but don’t post – you can show it to her though. and then when you tie the knot, publish them as a HOW-TO for other guys.

Chetan Bhagat has done it and gotten away with it.

Good to see your post!

And you kind of remind me of my friends, who probably had as many fights as you guys are having now! Now, they’re married – to each other!

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