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Connect the Dots

Connect the Dot

I know a lot of you guys told me you didn’t really like the cover page design of Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. So I wonder how many of you would like the new one now. Rashmi shall be launching the book in Ahmedabad the coming Saturday and that’s when I shall meet her for the first time.

PS: the funda of the design is simple: things don’t always make sense when they are happening, but after years, if you look back at your life, you shall be able to connect the dots (Steve Jobs pseud puts)

PS2: Anyone out there in Ahmedabad can join me – we can have coffee together and you can give me ideas for cover page of Rashmi’s next book that I am onto. Cyao

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hi, i saw SHSF at some friend’s place, didnt read though. i felt the designs (both the books) are similar. but good. tell me the next book concept or name (if it is not confidential) i will try to give some ideas.

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