The dust does little harm now

I love words. I can’t remember them. I thought I would buy a car. I wouldn’t buy one. I told her I wanted to stay single. We talk daily like couples. I don’t watch TV. The TV watches me. If deadlines were on a cricket-pitch I would have been a popular no-bowler (not the best though). I love preaching anger management. I get angry. The past is dead and buried. It haunts me on lonely nights. Bites like a snake. Non-venomous – for I am alive.

The dust that is there. Everywhere. Grey. White. Misty. Choking. Polluting. Eye-hurting. Irritating. I have a hanky. I have made triangles out of them and covered my nose and my mouth. I have big goggles. I have put them over my eyes. The dust does little harm now. But I hear the flying, wafting, humming particles laugh at me sometimes. They know the cloth is going to go away. And so are the shades. But I pretend I don”t hear them laugh. May be I don’t. I pretend my eyes never get moist. May be they don’t. I know I am alive. May be I am not.

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I know that the tv is the best friend of the dust. Its only the carbonated water that does not satiate what if mixed with alcohol. You should have loved that atom in between the two particles. It joines, and breaks away sometime.

Have fun. Enjoy whatever you get.

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