D’ya love readin?

I do.  And ‘’ (pronounced i-love-readin) is the name that I suggested to Misre in May last year when he asked me to come up with a name for a company that he wanted to launch. He liked the name and then I went ahead and created the logo that you see above. Know what, the creepy fingers are mine. Heh – funny no? Let me explain. To create this logo, I had set my cam on a tripod, held a book in my hands and then shot a self-portrait. I used the picture thus clicked to draw what you see. So yeah, the fingers are mine! Yay!

Anyway, the point of this post is not to tell ya guys how I created the logo. Or why I named the company ‘’. Or how creepy my fingers are. The point is to let ya guys know that the company has finally been launched. Clicking on the logo above shall take you to the company website. Believe me, the website is pretty cool. And if you are wondering what the company does, the following copy-paste from the site shall help ya: is a library of books. You can select your book online and request for a home delivery. It’s convenient and offers value for your money.

So, do check it out if you are into reading and all that. And even if you don’t, keep reading!

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