October break

I don’t know how many of you want me to finish off my bicycle diary series as fast as I can but for them who do want me to – I have a bad news – I will have to go a little slow now, probably one update every week. I will tell you why. I have undertaken a task (what the task is shall be conveyed to you later once the same is achieved) that requires a lot of effort and time. I have decided to give it my all without compromising on my running, gymming schedule and therefore it would be difficult for me to write regularly for some time – may be for more than a month.

In any case, I would revert back on the 1st of November from Delhi where I plan to run the Airtel Delhi Half-Marathon in at least five minutes less than two hours (I had ran the half-marathon in Hyd earlier in August this year in two hours). The blog-header shall be updated accordingly. 1st of November is a Sunday and I am in Delhi from Saturday to Monday, totally free. All those who want to catch up are welcome. The number is: 98842 70094. I talk about interesting things when I am a bottle of beer down. 🙂

PS: yes, all this also means, no Shitoon till some time. Shit happens 😛

PS2: This is for all the pending caricature requests (more than 60 I guess?) – sorry guys – all I have to say is that, each caricature shall be done before this year ends.

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Browsing through web and found that you are also running for marathon. Have you registered yourself for that or missed the date.

Found out that registrations are open if you have not done so.


Cool man, thanks for letting me know but I have already registered and all that so see you in Delhi on the marathon day may be. Happy training till then man!

it’s been fun to read all about your trip…good luck with the marathon! and unless i’m busy with a workshop (might be), would actually love to ‘catch up’ while u’re in delhi 🙂

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