Bicycle Diary 1: Short-story & LoLy

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Friday – 18 Sep 2009 – Bhubaneswar Airport

The way the fucker Air India (AI) staff just banged my bike over the trolley I need to be real lucky to see my bike perfectly alright in Indore (I am skydiving there tomorrow). But then AI does not charge those extra 500 bucks for “sports equipments” that Indigo does. At least it did when I carried my bike from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar a month ago!

It started raining arbitrarily almost as soon as I left the Guest House after stowing my bike in the Indica.  This was like a little over an hour ago. I wanted to see Miss short-story before I left for the airport. This is one journey where I really don’t know how the game is going to unfold. The weird thing is that I am not even thinking of skydiving right now. The mountain-biking plan has bluntly dwarfed the otherwise super-cool stunt of sky-diving. Anyway, so I first went to short-story’s college, spent precious few minutes with her and she smiled as always. Short-story always seems to be happy. I don’t know how. She clicked a picture of mine on her phone. I was the hulk. I was the Shrek. She scolded me when I told her that I would see if I could return back in one piece.

Once out of short-story’s college, I then thought about LoLy. She is right now at home in Gujarat. She is one of my best friends. I think that once you have had a friend like LoLy, you always need one. I think I have been looking for a LoLy in Bhubaneswar and I think I am never gonna succeed. The thing with people like LoLy is that you don’t have to look for them – they come and find you  instead. Here in Bhubaneswar, I found short-story. She is good. But she is busy all the time. And LoLy is far far away. From far far away she keeps in touch. Like today morning, at 3:30 she messaged. She is pretty freaked out with this trip of mine. She absolutely disapproves of me venturing out all alone. I have no idea how I got up with that mild default sms beep of Nokia. I was sleeping but I woke up. The beep told me that it had to be a message from LoLy. It was a message from her. The message said she wanted to see me. I replied her back  letting her know that I wanted to see her too. She asked me then why I was not sleeping. I told her how I woke up from sleep. Like a good boy I was made to sleep again.

The good boy needs to board the aircraft now. The good boy shall be flying away from short-story. The good boy shall not listen to LoLy and continue with his mountain-biking expedition.

Complete links for Diary#1-13: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

4 replies on “Bicycle Diary 1: Short-story & LoLy”

Jab tune call kiya tha to I was sleeping and when I called you I guess you were sleeping. I returned late today. Abhi tera kaam kar raha hun. 🙂

Good that you are still safe.. Tere adrenalin ki pyaas bujhi ya nahin 😉

Adrenalin ka kya hai ki after almost having read into thin air, all i want to do now is save enough money to be able to climb Mt. Everest. And I am serious. 🙂

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