Himesh, cycling, smoking and beer

Sometimes you wish you had someone around whom you could hug and cry just for the sake of crying.

I hope Himesh realizes that when he walks towards the camera with a black babe in the opening shot of the song ‘Dil ka radio’,  no one is really looking at him. I like the song btw. I also like the fact that 1. he has gotten rid of his cap 2. he doesn’t hold the microphone at 45 degrees to x axis in the first coordinate and 3. only 10% of his voice comes through the nose.

I have cracked a nice 42+ kilometer loop that starts and ends in the guest house – did it in 1:40 minutes today morning. The work out after that has left me with a waist-ache.

The eyes hurt when you are biking without shades. Since I can’t locate mine, I would have to buy a new one this weekend.

Two different people have told me that weather has gone haywire on the Leh-Manahi highway and that snowfalls have been happening randomly. After a few months gap, I started using my AC yesterday and set it up at lowest possible temperature (which is 16 degrees Celsius btw) so that I am better suited to spend a night alone on the highway if khuda na khasta I get stranded in snowfall. If I survive, well and good. If I don’t, life was a bitch anyway.

I have quit smoking.

I would continue having beer once in a while. I just had three bottles of fosters and all I have to say is that sometimes you wish you had someone around whom you could hug and cry just for the sake of crying.

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u need to take care of urself also while travelling…i like ur type of people very enthusiastic towards life..
congrats for ur 42 km loop..keep going..
happy journey..

LOL – Prachi keeps telling that to me everytime I am with her on phone! And the other day my mom was cursing me for this idea, she was like from where the fuck did you come up with something as shitty as this! So I defy don’t need more people to discourage me! 🙂 Thanks for the e-hugs Garima!

Shitty Idea – Expected reply from any Mom !! But its a cool idea from U – start participating in the Aviva Iron man contest – U r getting there with these kinda trials – All The Best, Looking fwd to “Colours Of India” – Thru ur 3rd eye !!

himesh is back with his songs in radio … and i would also recommend ‘ tere mere beech mein’ by farah khan to all .. its a great talk show hosted by farah khan on star plus … the recent show with vivek oberoi, ritesh deshmukh and sreesanth was really good ..

If you ask me, you need to be stronger to not quit smoking and then have a control over how much you smoke. Even when I hardly smoked, smoking was always an option – so at times, I had to decide if I wanted to or not. Now – it’s easy – smoking is not an option – so I don’t have to waste time deciding! 🙂

I am doing good – lonely and fighting and questioning life as I live. 🙂

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