The wishes of cooks came true…

…when the Prince dance group cracked the first prize of 50 lakh bucks and some Maruti car minutes ago. As I saw them being declared the winners, I shed tears of joy. I must say that right now, as I type these word with moist eyes, I feel as happy as any Oriya must be feeling at the moment. When I saw them perform I realized that there was something divine about them that definitely transcended states, regions, caste or creed. I feel so small compared to what they did and what they just achieved. Words cannot describe my joy. There is one thing for sure – when they return, entire Orissa is going to be present to welcome them.

PS: After my cooks left, I was motivated to check out the group’s performance on Youtube and I must say that they impressed me and touched me so much that I had to send my first voting sms ever.

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