Shitoon 132: Phases in the life of IITians

Alright - "average" IITian - if that makes happy!

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😆 😆 gud one.. one of ur shitoon made me laugh after a long time..
Gud to know i am not the only one thinking about purpose of my life..

“What is the purpose of life” – A simple and bitter truth which not many can understand. You have made a good attempt by puttting it into a ‘shitoon’. Sexy one dude!

Pretty much what the btechs think in their 8th and 9the sems – except that they also keep feeling they have become a cross between a student and a prof and an underpaid underdog (thanks to TAgiri and stipend). Also they don’t understand why mataks put so much of fight in life! 😛

Thanks Nirmohi, I don’t know what track I am on, but whatever be the track, one fine day the goddamn train’s gonna run over me for sure! 🙂 So it would for everyone else too! 😎

Ek IITian hi IIT ian ke dil ka haal samjha sakta hai 😛 🙂
Nice post……….I actually had a true picture while reading this post …….:)

purpose of life is to work for your dreams/ vision.
and if one donot have one, he is dead man walking. 😉

gud to heard dat life is nt dat gud 4 iitians coz i hate dem as im broken heart by 1 of dat idiot

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